Who we are

Established in 2015, Homeplace PVT (LTD) is a start-up company whose core business is the organic cultivation and production of houseplants that help clean the air of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in order to improve indoor air quality and reduce the effects of airborne diseases on a population grappling desperately with the effects of global warming. Our business is built on our passion for creativity and cutting edge corporate design. In our drive to deliver innovative and practical solutions to our customers, we utilize our years of experience in interior design, gardening, space planning and project management. Our strength lies in our passion for creativity in bringing unique elements to both modern and traditional designs.

We take pride in designing and planning environments that are environmentally friendly, ergonomic and welcoming. In a collaborative approach with the customer, we apply design principles, space analysis and knowledge integration, in order to produce an interior and exterior space which is healthy, attractive, productive and reflects the customer’s values and identity.

Homeplace’s competitive advantage is our uncontested passion for plant life, the pursuit of social and environmentally friendly practices and goals and the ability to deliver on any size of project, while providing you with a unique service offering tailored to your needs and requirements. We offer full turnkey design solutions, from the conception through the installation phase and to final handover of your new space. We assist in relocation into the new premises allowing customers to concentrate on business as usual. You only have to deal with one team. We value our relationships and believe everyone becomes a part of the Homeplace family.


Our Technical Team

Blessing Nhau

I am the Founder and Business development Director for Homeplace Pvt Ltd. A civil engineer by profession and a natural designer by heart, I strive for excellency and integrity.

Precious Chigariro

I am a gardener and Interior designer by profession.